I ran across several articles (Parents Magazine and The Wall Street Journal) and blogs over the last week discussing oversharing about our children’s lives online which of course got me to thinking about how much I post on my own family life…especially my children’s lives.  My own website, blog and photo site started as a way to keep connected with our family and friends over the miles.  Then facebook came along and I joined in as well.  I like the connectedness of Facebook.  I like seeing what both my family, close friends and casual acquaintances are doing.  I like having a network of people I can reach out to when I have a question.  I like reading our collective shared experiences.  I do have facebook friends whose posts I have hidden from view as I grew tired of reading about their dog or business and I assume some have done the same to my posts.  I will admit that sometimes I forget that I have more casual acquaintances that are seeing my posts in addition my close friends and family.  Maybe we all should reach out and connect with people more often face-to-face but distance and time sometimes makes that all but impossible.  Our online relationships can help fill that gap in space and time.  However, after reading the The Wall Street Journal article I took the author up on his suggestion that I check out the blog, STFU, Parents which is a collection of Facebook posts that mocks parents oversharing.  I’ll admit at first I was a little taken aback and thought “Oh! No what if I find myself here?”  But as I read further…which is seriously addicting in a voyeuristic kind of way….I really didn’t find the commentary by the blog author too outregeous or shocking.  I mean, sure, I post about my kids and I’m sure all of my Facebook friends don’t want to hear that my kid rocks the socks off all other kids (lol)  but hey kids are a big part of my life right now.

I share much more in-depth on my blog but I mostly assume the people that are reading the blog are actually interested in what my family is up to (and based on my stats I.  I want to share what we are doing, where we’ve been and what I’ve been thinking…especially what I’ve been thinking; my husband can only take so much talk!  I’m sure there are a couple of posts that would be considered oversharing but it’s also part of reaching out to your larger community and sharing in our lives together.  Again, maybe we should pick up the phone and call or write a letter (which I actually did for awhile with one friend…it was fun!).  I have had intentions for years of turning my blog posts into a physical book — as it is really a timeline of our lives.   A written recorded history of my family.  Somehow, a physical book seems more lasting that an online blog…but I suspect I may be wrong??  I don’t think I post much that I would think the girls would be ashamed of reading and I keep a private notebook to them with much more intimate details of our lives and my love for them.  So I’ll keep on posting my photos and words about my family life!  I’ll be sure to skip the truely embarassing moments.  You’ll have to call for those…or wait for a beer around the campfire!

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