For Scarlett’s Birthday she got a Little Mermaid costume from Grandma Ruth.  The one that came in the mail, promptly lost its little Rhinestone with the picture of Ariel.  So I exchanged it, at Target, for a new one.  The second experienced a massive rip within an hour of wearing it.  I again returned it to Target, wrote a bad online review of the product and began looking for a new, better quality Ariel costume.  Seriously, I expect a $20 costume to last more than an hour!  I expect a $5 costume to last at least a day!

I looked at the $39.95 costumes at the Disney Store.  Which by the way, the store is way cool!  I can’t imagine how crazy the girls would go at actual Disney Land!  But that’s another story.  But, really?? $40 for a costume.  Seemed excessive, but Scarlett was quite sad about her costume ripping and me returning it.  I even contemplated letting her keep the ripped one.  I stumbled upon a website that was selling kids costumes for cheap with FREE shipping.  Quality costumes that retail for $48-$60 in October.  Here is Scarlett’s new “Deluxe” Little Mermaid costume.  I bought it for $20 — retail for $60.  October’s retailed for $48 — got it for $13.  At one point, in my online shopping cart, I had the Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Tianna, and Cinderella.  I may have been in trouble if $100 in costumes showed up at the front door.  Jeff may have given the UPS driver a standing order to “return to sender” on all future packages.  I refrained and did only get the Little Mermaid but did email and text friends with little girls to alert them to the great deals!

Scarlett was SO excited to get her new costume.  But then, the comments went a little sideways.  She exclaimed “Look!  It Has covers for my nipples!!” And, “Mommy, these shells are to cover my nipples so no one see’s my nipples.” Then October pipped up that her’s also had nipple covers.  Scarlett went and showed daddy how her new costumes covers her nipples.  The girls must have said nipples…10 times in 2 minutes.  I was cracking up….Jeff was just groaning.
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  1. What is the site? I want some!!!!! Please email me and share!

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